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The Road to Mecca.

By Athol Fugard

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"The Road to Mecca, in a taut production at Miners Alley Playhouse, is profound in what it says, and what it implies, about society, aging, love, art and race in apartheid-era South Africa...
Director Len Matheo, who also is responsible for the excellent South African music that plays before and after the show, and during intermission, extracts masterfully calibrated performances from a talented cast."

                  ~ * * * stars (out of 4) Claire Martin, The Denver Post.
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"This play has much to say regarding aging in place, artistic integrity and apartheid.

Deborah Curtis gives real power to playwright Fugard’s words about the internal inspiration and torture of the creative artist in this heartfelt performance... a truly rich and rewarding work of Art.... such an indelible evening of humanistic theatre."

                                                                  David Marlowe, Marlowe's Musings
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"...This is a solid, praiseworthy production of an insightful work, and the two actresses work beautifully together, conveying an affection simultaneously baffled and indestructible."

                                              Juliet Wittman, Denver Westword
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"The perfect casting and the strong hand of director Len Matheo has created a breakthrough production for this script and for Miners Alley."... "A nearly perfect theatre evening; absolutely worth the trip out to or down to Golden."

                                            Beki Pineda,

                                           Boulder Magazine/Get



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